Image Description: 1. Two white-masked formless beings with horns stare back toward the camera, with steam or water streaming upward from their eyes. They are framed by two white owls with wings spread, over a backdrop of a large blue and green snake. The illustration of the two beings is by artist Kia Guillaume, and the snake is by Japanese printmaker Hokusai. 2. Against a backdrop of Japanese printmaker Hokusai's turtle and snake, is a circle containing an illustration by artist Kia Guillaume of two naked yellow/brown-skinned gender expansive beings sitting in front of a blue mountain, looking back at the camera, wearing white Oni masks. They have long blue-black hair, and their hands rest upon one another's, as water or steam streams upward from their eyes. A white barn owl spreads its wings in the foreground.

groundwater/chikasui 地下水

APICC is proud to present groundwater/chikasui 地下水 at GENERATIONS OF POWER, an outdoor showcase of performances taking place at Japantown Peace Plaza and Buchanan Mall on May 14th.

she considers old armor: it’s heavy and rusted.
now, she’s a fish with strong tail.

groundwater/chikasui 地下水 is a site-specific ritual intervention offered by a local daughter of frisco japantown. to what and to whom haven’t we listened in our indigenous lineages and in the lineages indigenous to the land we now call home, yelamu? there is much we lose when we dampen down feeling for generations. the earth is full of feeling, and we have always been earth. this ritual prayer punctures through the illusion of order in a world founded upon imperial violence. let us risk our composure, for the treasure of reuniting with this living web of life. with our dancing bodies, our song, our taiko drumming, our offerings–we tell the eros, the anger, the sorrow, you are welcome here too. without you, we are not whole. let us practice being whole together, so that we can offer the gift of our wholeness to a fragmented world. 


tashi tamate weiss
Kai Gruezo
Katherine Tom


tashi is a storyweaver and energy worker of japanese, euro-jewish, and cosmic lineages. their work with words, movement, music, and film bends genre/space/time, moving fluidly between the mundane and the mystical. tashi’s work focuses on recovering ancestral cosmologies, healing from cultural assimilation, and reclaiming the fullness of our souls. @tamate.uta


This program is part of a larger showcase of performances taking place at Japantown Peace Plaza


12:00-12:15 Opening Introductions & Announcements
12:15-1:00PM Sugilanon by Caroline Cabading & The Autonomous Region
1:00-1:50PM Love & Unity: Asian American Choreographer's Showcase curated by Claudine Naganuma
1:50-2:40PM “Seh Kui: Community is In the Heart” by The Last Hoisan Poets & Del Sol Quartet
2:40-2:55PM Return of the Sun by First Voice
2:55-3:20PM Youth Rising by Leela Youth Dance Company
After this, please join us in crossing the street (Post St) to Buchanan Mall for the next performance:
3:30-4:00PM groundwater/chikasui 地下水 by tashi tamate weiss (Across Post St at Buchanan Mall)

Attendance is free and open to the public. Let us know you're going:

May 14, 2022 at 12:00pm - 4pm
Japantown Peace Plaza
1610 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94115
United States
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Accessibility & Consent

 The Japantown Peace Plaza is wheelchair accessible.
 ASL interpretation will be available for the duration of the event.

In an effort to raise awareness about the ongoing pandemic, onsite COVID-19 testing will be available to those who choose to avail of it. Kindly stay home if you are feeling unwell or if you have had possible COVID-19 exposure. Vaccines, face masks and social distancing are strongly encouraged. Let's continue to keep each other safe.

If you require any special accommodations or assistance, please let us know by filling out the accommodation question when you register or email us at [email protected].

This event will be photographed and video recorded for archival and promotional purposes. By attending this event, you consent to the potential of your image being shared publicly through APICC's channels.