USAAF 2016

In May 2016, the Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center of San Francisco will present our 19th annual festival, the United States of Asian America Festival 2016!

We gladly announce USAAF 2016: Civil Dis(place)ment.

This year's theme is Civil Dis(place)ment: A variation on civil disobedience, with the city’s rapidly shifting demographics, what are the issues and narratives that speak to our diverse communities? Particularly in considering that the San Francisco Arts Commission recently published a study that alarmingly found more than 70% of surveyed artists in San Francisco have experienced displacement, how has art, culture, and placemaking subsisted historically and what does art, culture, and placemaking look like for our communities today? How have artists resisted the causes and consequences of displacement, and how do we ensure a future where arts and culture in San Francisco will thrive?

APICC will present its annual United States of Asian America Festival (USAAF) in San Francisco in Spring 2016 with various mediums of art and culture (e.g., theater, storytelling, stand-up comedy, dance, performance art, solo performance, literary, culinary, panel discussion, workshop, music, visual art exhibition, performance poetry, film, spoken word, variety showcase, multimedia productions, multi-art productions, etc).

Festival Jurors for USAAF 2016 include:

Lenora Lee, Lenora Lee Dance and Asian Improv aRts

Allan S. Manalo, Bindlestiff Studio and Hospitality House

Indra Mungal, Asian Art Museum


More information on the festival are upcoming. Keep checking our website or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to stay up to date on Festival news. 

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  • Patty Mattos
    If a festival aims at good and has nothing too damaging to someone else it may be helpful in some way.
  • Ana Cardoso Goncalve
    It’s really true: “70 percent of the artists in San Francisco had been or were being displaced from their workplace, home, or both. As for the 30 percent that weren’t being displaced, potential displacement in the near future was a common concern.”
    #civildisplacement (