USAAF 2018 Calendar


Checkout the online program calendar for the 21st Annual United States of Asian America Festival: Regenerative Community! Flip through and click on link boxes to go to specific event and ticketing pages. 

Event and programs are also listed below.

*Please note these program updates:

  • Eth-Noh-Tec's RegenerAsian has been moved to 977 S Van Ness Ave. SF, on May 5.
  • She Who Has No Master(s) will have two performances:

    May 5, 4pm-6:30pm at I-Hotel Manilatown Center

    May 6, 11am -12pm at Asian Art Museum

  • The Rooted Recipes Project collective consists of Kim Boral, Joseph Nontanovan, Aileen Suzara and Thuy Tran.

Visual Art Exhibition & Festival Kick-Off

    Betweenscapes: May 3-24


   Incarcerated 6x9 (Alleluia Panis): May 4-13

   She Who Has No Master(s) (She Who Has No Masters): May 5-6

  Beyond Partition & Subcontinental Drift (Tatiana Chaterji): May 5-12

  RegeneraAsian: Healing Ourselves through Our Stories (Eth-Noh-Tec): May 5

   </3 - Opening Reception (Appendix Collective): May 10

  Model Minorities Don't Cry (Irene Tu, Andrew Orolfo): May 18-19

   APICENTER: Making Waves (LEX the Lexicon Artist): May 19 


   Bad Trip (Brownout Productions): May 25-26



   14th Annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival (QWOCMAP): June 8-10

   Kapwa Konnections (SamiSee): June 9

   Memorya (Kreatibo): June 9 

   The Rooted Recipes Project (The Rooted Recipes Project): June 10

  Urban x Indigenous: Unite the Tribes (Urban x Indigenous/Sammay Dizon): June 16-17