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The Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center of San Francisco is now accepting proposals for the 22nd Annual United States of Asian America Festival: Collective // Memories

Individual artists, arts groups, and arts organizations are welcome to submit applications for events occurring in May 2019 as part of the United States of Asian American Festival (USAAF).

FESTIVAL THEME | Subject(s) of your program(s) and/or event(s) should focus on themes related to Pacific Islander and Asian American themes and culture, connecting specifically to this year’s theme of COLLECTIVE // MEMORIES:

  • Celebrating and remembering Asian and Pacific Islanders who have made lasting cultural contributions in our communities.
  • Empowered community building during times of loss and turmoil to create spaces of sanctuary and healing.
  • Honoring our shared histories as Asians and Pacific Islanders in America and how they inform our present and our futures.

Click here to read more about Festival Awards and Levels of Support.

Check out the USAAF 2018 online calendar to see last year's line-up of festival artists and events.

Online Application

Online Applications for USAAF 2019 are now closed. 

USAAF SUPPORTS | All mediums of art and culture (e.g., theater, storytelling, stand-up comedy, dance, performance art, solo performance, literary, panel discussion, music, visual art exhibition, performance poetry, film, spoken word, variety showcase, multimedia productions, multi-art productions, etc).

USAAF DOES NOT FUND | Benefits and fundraisers. Events not open or accessible to the general public. Events occurring outside of the city and county of San Francisco.*



One-on-one application workshops are available by appointment between October 22-November 2, 2018. Please schedule an appointment to speak with APICC's Artistic Director prior to the submission deadline.

Workshop Registration




Photo courtesy of APICC and Jason Chew. Ruby Ibarra performing at 'APICENTER: Making Waves' music show, produced by Lex The Lexicon Artist for USAAF 2018. 

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