Are You Silly?


Are you a kid between six & eleven years old who likes to tell stories? 
Really love making art? How about making puppets?
Most importantly, are you SILLY?
Then YOU can be part of our show on January 30, 2021!


APICC is looking for kids...who self-identify as Asian or Pacific Islander American...ages 6-11 years old who can write, make puppets and perform their own 3 minute SILLY puppet story!

You'll have the chance to perform your SILLY puppet story live as part of the Zoom show on January 30, 2020 entitled “Tito Ramon’s Incredibly Silly Puppet Show” directed by Ramon Abad & produced by Melanie Elvena.

Interested? Then sign up for the Auditions on December 19, 2020 from 2-3pm on Zoom

Here's what to do for the Dec. 19 Audition:

  1. Come prepared with an original story that YOU wrote...not somebody else’s story – sorry, YOU can’t tell the story of Goldilocks…because that’s been told already…and, besides, it’s not THAT silly either!
  2. You must be comfortable to tell the story in a BIG VOICE in front of your web camera at home.
  3. …but most importantly: the story MUST BE SILLY!

    $50 Amazon gift card will be given to kids who get selected for the January 30 show!

We’re also looking for kids who want to make puppets too! 

Email to register and to ask questions today!
Ramon at [email protected]
Melanie at [email protected]

December 19, 2020 at 2:00pm - 3pm