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  • Mo'olelo: The Exploration and Perpetuation of Genealogy through the Art of Storytelling

    `Ulumau Collective will present a genealogical exploration of storytelling through cultural arts. In the ancient Pacific Islander tradition of oral history, “moʻolelo” (stories) pass down ancestral knowledge, sharing everything from daily activities to sacred ceremony. This evening will feature hula, song, chant presented by legendary Kumu Kekuhikuhipuuoneonaaliiokohala Kanae Kanahele, gifts from the ‘aina (land) presented by Kumu Kauʻi Peralto and the art of Tatau (tatoo) presented by Kahu Paʻakū ʻĀlana. These moʻolelo will inspire our multi-generational audience to explore the significance of how knowing your past can help guide & influence your future.


    Participating Artists

    ʻUlumau Collective 2019 participating artists: Kumu Kekuhikuhipuuoneonaaliiokohala Kanae Kanahele, Kumu Kaui Peralto, and Kahu Paʻakū ʻĀlana


    About 'Ulumau Collective

    `Ulumau Collective presents Hawaiian cultural arts, history and traditions through storytelling, performances and workshops. Founded by Susie Kagami, Hawaii Music Live and Kumu Kau`i Peralto, Hawaiian cultural practitioner and language professor at Stanford University, ʻUlumauʻs mission is to preserve, perpetuate and share the significance of Hawaiian ancestral knowledge.



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    Saturday, June 22, 2019 at 02:00 PM · $10.00 USD · 3 rsvps
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