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  • A Hxstory of Renting

    A Hxstory of Renting is a group exhibition, community celebration, and tenants' rights workshop gathering local artists, residents, and community-based organizations in Excelsior, SF, in response to the displacement and gentrification taking place in the E and throughout the Bay Area. Co-organized by Erina Alejo and Communities United for Health and Justice (CUHJ).

    Header Image Credit: Golden Hour at Casa Lucas #3 by Erina Alejo

    Community Panel

    Stay tuned for info and registration link on a community panel with SOMA residents/peers on their memories of growing up in SOMA

    A Hxstory of Renting Blog

    Visit and read weekly blog posts at A Hxstory of Renting. See previews and direct links to blog posts below:

    It Begins with Lola Marina

    Lola Marina (lola - grandmother, in Tagalog) turned 98 last month. She has lived through and is part of nearly a century’s worth of hxstory. Radio Marina, as my late Lolo— grandpa— would call her, because she remains astute and lucid as our family circle keeper...Read More



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  • Political Inheritance

    Political Inheritance is a visual arts and poetry performance exhibition featuring Asian and Pacific Islander womxn artists across diasporic experiences with the goal of provoking reflection, conversation, and bridging about the inherited experiences—passed down within cultures and families—that shape our relationships to political participation. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are facing some of the the lowest rates political participation in the U.S. By culturally contextualizing this AAPI political participation gap, Political Inheritance unearths the diversity of tensions, assumptions, and traumas inherited in AAPI’s political participation or lack thereof, while catalyzing a dialogue that questions the perception of our own political identities.

    Curated by Lauren Ito as part of the Emerging Curators Program at the Asian American Women Artists Association.

    The exhibition was originally set to occur at Oakland Asian Cultural Center and has been postponed until further notice.

    Participating Artists

    Lauren Ito
    Kristen Murakoshi

    Online Release

    Visit AAWAA.net for a series of photo portraits to be released of Asian American activists and community organizers, in collaboration with Kristen Murakoshi and Lauren Ito.

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  • Water Pilgrimage

    Water Pilgrimage is a journey back in time to explore the kinship between humans and water. It tells an important and emotional story of all living beings with water, and making our plea for water conservation through dance and imagery. It explores the divergent evolution in the relationship of all living beings to water. Fusing Contemporary and Butoh dance, Ogura transforms three women’s bodies into the powerful, mystical and vital essence of water. The movement catalyzes a visceral response on a tangled journey through beauty and crisis, from the origins of life to a world at risk.

    This event was originally set to occur at Theatre of Yugen. 
    Header Image Credit: Artem Chubaryan

    Participating Artists

    Directed & Produced by Ranko Ogura Dance

    Juliana Mendonca
    Pauli N. Amornkul
    Michell Danna
    Ranko Ogura

    Josh Halpern

    Daniel Raphael Ancheta

    About Ranko Ogura Dance

    Ranko Ogura is a Japanese dancer, choreographer and artistic director. Her movement derives from Butoh and Noguchi Taiso concepts and she innovated Water Body Movement. In 2008, she founded Ranko Ogura Dance. She integrated Butoh with contemporary dance and created original performances. She tours Japan and conducts international workshops.

    Follow Ranko Ogura Dance on Facebook and Instagram (@rankodance) 

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