Understudy: Reviving & Reclaiming AAPI Stories in the Bay Area



Curated by five emerging Asian-American artists, "Understudy: Reviving & Reclaiming AAPI Stories in the Bay Area'' is an archival project & generative writing workshop dedicated to illuminating AAPI narratives in our communities. 
This event is an invitation for community members to engage with the archives and write in conversation with our shared histories of belonging, otherness, oppression, mutual aid, and identity-making through the arts. The artists will also distribute a zine with original pieces generated throughout the archival process, crafted to serve as a keepsake and educational resource for the participants’ continued exploration of the archives.

This Performance will be at Medicine for Nightmares Bookstore & Gallery

Saturday, May 25, @ 2-5PM



Kristin-Faith Avenis
Angel Bista
Celadon Loo
Ryan Nakano
Percy Schumacher 


“Understudy” is composed of five writers whose mission is to create an anti-imperialist Asian American gathering space to share archival knowledge about Asian American communities throughout the Bay Area. By sharing our work and leading generative workshops, we aim to inspire active forms of community solidarity through writing. 

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