This staged, multimedia 'who-dunnit' radio play searches for answers! Broadcast in front of a live audience, Mystery Radio Showcase hopes to solve the cold case of Mr. Chin Fan Foin, a famous restaurateur of Chicago's Mandarin Inn. It is 1924. A rain storm. Thunder. Lightening. Flooding in the basement. Prohibition. Fires, tong wars, jealousy, and greed hang in the wet and darkened air. Shadows lurk. Secrets are kept ... secret. Mr. Chin Foin has plunged four floors down the elevator shaft of his own restaurant. Were his black patent leather shoes too slippery, or was he pushed? His death was officially ruled an accident, but there are just too many strange circumstances surrounding his unexpected and untimely death to ignore. His granddaughter vows to find the culprits 100 years later!

Join Eth-Noh-Tec and guest actors in this true-life mystery. What do the granddaughter's dreams foretell? What will the ghosts have to say about it? What will you, in the audience, have to say about it?

Join us to find out and decide 'who-dunnit'!

This performance will be at Mission Cultural Center


Saturday, May 4 @7:30-9PM
Sunday, May 5 @ 2:30-4PM

Art Exhibit: 447 Minna space in SOMA
3 weekends: Fri, Sat, Sun beginning Fri, Apr 26 - May 12

Panel and lunch:
 Chinatown Restaurant on Washington Ave. in Chinatown
Sun, Apr 28 @ 11AM - 2PM

TICKETS: Click Here

Actors: Nancy Wang, Zolboo Namkhaidorj, Alex Hsu, Andrew Rogge, Doug Nolan, Benedikt Sebastian

Sound and media creator: Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo

Playwright: Nancy Wang

Light Designer: Stephanie Johnson

Artist: Chee Wang Ng

Panelists: Jack Chin, Phd, Russell Jeung, Phd, Chee Wang Ng, artists

Eth-Noh-Tec, a San Francisco Asian American storytelling non-profit, builds cultural bridges that celebrate diversity and create compassionate communities through the art of storytelling. Their unique style weaves movement and the spoken word and is an international essential asset to those organizations committed to presenting diverse voices.

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