New Ingredients: A Virtual Storytelling Curry Tamale Cook-Along

During a virtual storytelling cook-along, VC Tang reads vignettes from her Thai cookbook memoir in which she reconciles the difference between home and motherland – and then weaves in new writings about her Asian and Latinx friendships forged in food and travel that birthed a new recipe: the curry tamale. It is the meeting and reunification of new ingredients: first, the chili pepper that circumvented the globe via Spanish colonization and Aztec exploration, making its way to Asia; and second, a pocket of masa steamed in a banana leaf – a scent of home in many tropical cultures. Furthermore, this particular curry relies on one particular brand of canned sour, brined bamboo that is little known and obscure - apart from mainstream Thai food. The convergence of familiar and foreign flavors via familiar techniques returns us to our roots and sends us into a shared future.


Monday, May 15, 5:30pm
Register here: Sliding scale $0-$20


Born and raised in San Francisco, VC Tang is an author, storyteller, and consultant who has been mentored in Asian arts all her life. She spent over 30 years in ritual and performance at the Berkeley Thai Temple, and currently practices applying Taijiquan, Zen, and Taoist principles in daily life. 

May 15, 2023 at 5:30pm - 7pm
$20.00 USD