Afro Asian Futures

Scott Oshiro's Deciphering Broken Rhythms Collective


Afro Asian Futures is a musical performance with The Deciphering Broken Rhythms Collective. The collective will perform compositions, written by Dr. Scott Oshiro, that combine Jazz, hip-hop, and electronic music with traditional Japanese and Okinawan music. In addition, the ensemble will include computer music generation/improvisation systems using cutting-edge and emerging technologies. The music will explore and comment on how technology can be used to liberate and expand upon the cultural narratives of communities of color in the Bay Area rather than being used as a tool for displacement and oppression. Following the concert, there will be a panel discussion with the musicians talking about their experience, approaches and philosophies about interacting with these technological systems.

This Performance will be at Medicine for Nightmares Bookstore & Gallery


Saturday, May 18 @ 7 pm

TICKETS: Coming Soon!


Scott Oshiro - Flute & Electronics
Francis Wong - Tenor & Soprano Saxophone
Kumi Maxson - Bass
Djean Vasciannie - Drums


The Deciphering Broken Rhythms Collective is a musical group that combines elements from both African American and Asian American musical traditions through a futuristic lens. The ensemble integrates emerging technologies within their compositions to liberate and expand upon the cultural narratives of communities of color.

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