Joyce Nakamura

  • Oral histories of the International Hotel Human Barricade

    APICC is proud to fiscally sponsor Oral Histories of the International Hotel Human Barricade. Donations to Oral Histories of the International Hotel Human Barricade be made on this page through APICC as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

    The legacy of the International Hotel struggle must continue to be advanced, celebrated, refined and contributed to. This project seeks to document the oral histories of those who played any role in the Human Barricade. While we may have "lost" at 3:30am after hours of street confrontation, the developers ie. Capitalists did not win. Today on that site stands public housing, the Manilatown Heritage Community Center and a San Francisco Community College campus. The International Hotel block was one of "the" central gathering places for progressives and the "Left." Thus the heavy handed tactics from the state. Allies were drawn to the struggle to Stop the Eviction of the 300 elderly Filipino and Chinese tenants, and to Protect Manilatown/Chinatown from destruction by Redevelopment. 

    We are seeking funds to document these stories. If the story and history is not documented, it didn't happen.  We will use these to transcribe the histories, create short videos that can be used in the schools and  other spaces. There are many lessons that need to be captured and it has been 44 years and many of the participants are now in their 70's. Capturing their stories and well as reflections and words of wisdom for today will provide a chest of untold treasures. 

    *For check donations, please write checks to 'Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center' with 'Oral Histories of I Hotel' in the memo. Please include a return mailing address or email address to send the donation acknowledgement to.

    Send checks to the address below:

    934 Brannan Street
    San Francisco, CA 94103