USAAF 2018


The Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center of San Francisco announces the 21st Annual United States of Asian America Festival: Regenerative Community

Selected individual artists, arts groups, and arts organizations for USAAF 2018 will present their full-length arts event productions (i.e., a minimum of 45 minutes of performance time) occurring within the city and county San Francisco during May 2018.

FESTIVAL THEME | Subject(s) of program(s) and/or event(s) should focus on themes related to Pacific Islander and Asian American themes and culture, connecting specifically to this year’s theme of Regenerative Community:

  • What can we do to care for ourselves and our community? How have our regenerative practices evolved and how are they vital to our sustainability?
  • What are historical traumas Asians and Pacific Islanders have faced and how have they shaped our history, our culture, and today? How are we as a community addressing these traumas and working towards a future of healing and restorative justice?
  • How do we renew and sustain our drive and passion to be artists, organizers, cultural workers, and community leaders in the face of oppression?

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS | Below are the participating artists of USAAF 2018, announced as of February 2018.

Alleluia Panis Dance Theater
Brownout Productions
Irene Tu and Andrew Orolfo
Ruby Ibarra, LEX the Lexicon Artist, Chow Mane, Rudy Kalma
Sammay Dizon (Featured Artist)
She Who Has No Master(s)
Tatiana Chaterji
THE ROOTED RECIPES PROJECT with Thuy Tran, Kim Boral, Joseph Nontanovan and Aileen Suzara


Festival Jury: Sammay Dizon, Jon Jang, Pallavi Sharma


More details about the artists and their festival events are to come. 


*All mediums of art and culture (e.g., theater, storytelling, stand-up comedy, dance, performance art, solo performance, literary, panel discussion, music, visual art exhibition, performance poetry, film, spoken word, variety showcase, multimedia productions, multi-art productions, etc).

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