Shoes Off

Shoes Off is a visual art group exhibition and series of community events, exploring themes of belonging, inheritance, representation, and reclamation of cultural traditions. To us, taking your shoes off before entering someone’s home is a sign of respect and also a tradition which many different Asian cultures share. Taking off your shoes is symbolic of a willingness to honor and pass down tradition, while also emphasizing welcoming and comfort. This multimedia exhibit will feature work by six artists who identify as Asian American, which spans different media (e.g. paintings, apparel, and sculpture) and different identities under the AAPI umbrella (e.g. Japanese American, Chinese American, Filipinx, Chinoy, Korean American).


Exhibit will be up from May 12-June 12, 2023.

Opening Reception: Fri, May 12 @ 7-10PM 
Concert: Fri, May 26 @ 7-10PM 
Night Market: Sat, June 3
Closing Reception: Mon, June 12 @ 7-10PM 


Mary Claire Amable, Lizzy Choi, Jasmin Du, Alex Penman, Seesha Takagishi, Eiselle Ty, Jing Yu


Family Style is a collective based in San Francisco, formed from a small group of friends with an idea to share their art and life experiences with the larger community. One theme we contemplate through our artwork is “post-oriental”, which to us highlights how younger generations of Asian Americans have taken steps to reclaim culture and evolve their own cultures, which in many cases, is distinct from the countries their ancestors emigrated from. We hope to contribute to increasing Asian American representation in the art community, encourage creative expression among our communities at large, and evoke a sense of pride in being Asian American. 

May 12, 2023 at 7:00pm - 10pm
Faight Gallery
475 Haight St
San Francisco, CA 94117
United States
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