Scattered Home

APICC is proud to feature Vida Kuang's Scattered Home as part of the 24th annual United States of Asian America Festival: Forging Our Futures - SoMa & Chinatown

Scattered Home is a series of talking portrait banners depicting the lives of three intergenerational SRO tenants in Chinatown. The word scattered home is a loose translation of the Cantonese word for single room occupancy: 散房 san fong, where tenants live in a single room often with multiple generations. Scattered Home is made of audio portrait stories of SRO life from youth and elder tenants. Each portrait has a code to bi-lingual audio recordings of each tenant's story on family, caretaking, navigating a pandemic, and their futures.


Vida Kuang 鄺楚瑩 is raised by a Toisan matriarchy and the streets of Chinatown. Her art centers intergenerational joy, memory, and class struggle as experienced by poor/working class peoples. Vida finds art and culture as ways to decolonize herself and her communities’ hearts and minds towards collective liberation. 

Follow Vida Kuang at @vida.kuang

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Header Banner Alternative Text:

  1. a pair of slippers left by a door in an empty hallway of an SRO
  2. a hazy skylight window taken from below. the light is shining in from the outside a blue sky.
  3. a blurred image of a figure sitting on the edge of a bunk bed. there are shelves and desks surrounding her and clothes hang from the edge of the bed.
June 13, 2021 at 1pm - 3pm
Chinatown (Various Locations)

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