San Francisco to Salupongan

As part of the national speaking tour, "Lakbay Lumad USA: The Continuing Journey of Mindanao's Indigenous Peoples for Peace with Justice", The International Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (ICHRP) present “San Francisco to Salupongan”. This evening will feature a discussion and cultural offering by delegates from the Lumad (indigenous) communities who are fighting for their human rights, cultural preservation and self-determination in the Philippines. It will feature cultural performances from several local artists.

This evening is also a direct opportunity for our local community to learn more about the indigenous people’s struggle in the Philippines and how it relates to our struggles of displacement and gentrification in the Bay Area. We will learn how we in the United States can further support our Lumad communities.

The Lumad are the largest conglomerate of indigenous tribes in the Southern Mindanao region of the Philippines. Like many indigenous groups throughout the world, they have been struggling to maintain their ancestral domains as well as their right to self-determination. For decades, the Lumad have resisted the plunder of their lands by transnational corporations and others who wish to extract and exploit the land for its natural resources. Their resistance has led to an intensification of human rights violations, as well as the militarization of their communities.

Through education, advocacy and international solidarity, we can advance the rights of the Lumad people. By building bridges between the issues impacting our local communities in the US and abroad, we can work together to build a more just world for all people.

Performances by:
Kulintang Friends of the Bay Area

This evening is presented by:
API Cultural Center- San Francisco as part of the USAAF 2016: Civil Dis(place)ment festival

Endorsed by:
Filipino Community CenterKulartsGabriela SFIchrp NorcalAROC: Arab Resource & Organizing CenterA.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition Bay AreaSalupongan InternationalWest Bay Pilipino Multi-Service CenterTrust Your StrugglePhilippine Studies Department - CCSF[email protected] Educational Partnerships

Online Price:
$15 General Admission
$10 College Students / Seniors
$5 Middle School / High School Students

$8 tickets for 10-person minimum groups
ex. $80 for 10 tickets, $120 for 15 tickets

At-The-Door Prices:
General - $20-50 (Sliding Scale)
Youth/Student - $10

April 29, 2016 at 6:00pm - 8pm
Hall of Culture, African-American Arts & Culture Complex
762 Fulton St
San Francisco, CA 94102
United States
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$15.00 USD · Purchase tickets
Vonica Oh Jessica Inson David Ojascastro Delena Fidel Agcaoili Rosie Balberan Ned Valen EdianBlair Schofield Pia Cortez Gabriel De la Cruz Paul Bolick Dyan Ruiz Kimberly Alvarenga Raquel R. Redondiez Joseph Smooke Dirks Boots Kimberley Arteche Alonzo DjZobewankenobi Bui Faye Denise Sandra Panopio Koba Sonidos Izzy Alvaran Frances Jaluague Ai Leen Alleluia Panis DanceTheater Sahee Kil Angeline Ubaldo Gwendlyn Snider Alexis AmAlmighty Madayag Marc Fernando Mary Jael Soriano Ichrp Norcal Lyle Prijoles M Solis Whelan Theresa Imperial Elaine Villasper-Dizon Mario De Mira Caroline Calderon Brian Ragas Kevyn Lorenzana Jenab-i Pareja Andrew Rogge Irma Bajar Monique Nb Robert Liu-Trujillo Rupert Carangal Estanislao Samantha Susa Josie De Mira Cristina Rey

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