URBAN x INDIGENOUS: Remember Our Place?

URBAN x INDIGENOUS: Remember Our Place?
presented by API Cultural Center- San Francisco
supported by SOMArts Cultural Center
as part of USAAF 2016: Civil Dis(place)ment

Community artists from the Bay Area and beyond are invited to submit work that asks the questions of revolution in a time of displacement. What is happening to the Pilipin@ community* in San Francisco?

How can we build the first ever ‘Filipino Heritage District’ if we as a community are depicted as broken and separated in the recent news regarding developments in the SOMA? How can we call upon the ancient teachings of our ancestors to find a way back to unity and clarity among the inter-generational population? What then do we owe (if at all) to our indigenous brothers and sisters who continue to be displaced from their ancestral territories by the unjust military and corrupt government of the Philippines? In asking these questions, we hope to find answers that not only bring us to a common ground but force us to engage our bodymindspirit in all that is happening/attacking (to) our people – separated by waters but connected by our soil-toned skin.

*Submissions are not limited to entries centered on the Pilipin@ community, works from artists of Pilipin@ descent, or narratives on the Bay Area alone. We welcome all of our brothers and sisters who feel an innate desire to further explore their UxI identity in questioning the displacement of their people then and now.

URBAN x INDIGENOUS: Remember Our Place? will take place on Sunday, June 12, 2016 at SOMArts Bay Gallery.

DEADLINE: April 4, 2016

WHO can submit:
We appreciate creative works from anyone* who feels this connection we continue to explore - the intersection of the indigenous and the urban; the feeling of losing home in the spiritual and physical sense; the desire to reclaim time and place to nurture our futute generations. We hope you can encourage the greater community around you to submit as well. Though we are prioritizing visual and multimedia works, we are interested in all types of artistic submissions that speak to the theme of URBAN x INDIGENOUS: Remember Our Place? 
* POC artists especially of Asian, Pacific Islander, or Pilipino descent are encouraged to apply. You may choose to submit anonymously as well.

WHAT to submit:
Calling for submissions of any medium - from prose to poetry to photography to artwork and performance:
- Literary by email attachment (pdf format)
- Visual prints/slides by email attachment (greater than 300 dpi).
- Film/animation by avi format (10 min max)
- Performance by email attachment (pdf script or avi video of song, poem, short play - excerpts will be considered)
For installation pieces, please contact [email protected] by March 28, 2016 with your proposal and dimensions of the piece. If you have sketches/photos, please attach those in your email for an accurate approximation of space.

HOW to submit:
1) Send an e-mail per submission to [email protected]
2) Format the subject line as follows:
Last Name - First Name - Title of Piece - Medium (e.g., poetry, prose, visual, etc.)
ex: Dizon - Sammay - Remember Our Place - Performance Installation
3) Please include the following information:
- Name, Email, Phone, Mailing Address
- Type of piece/medium used
- Brief 50-word biography
For anonymous submissions, please include an asterisk (*) next to your name.
- Any additional info about your piece
- Are you available to install/take down on June 12th?

*** DEADLINE: APRIL 4, 2016 ***

URBAN x INDIGENOUS (UxI) is a multi-disciplinary, inter-generational convening of artists, activists, incubators, scholars, and community members to honor our ancestors and celebrate the indigenous spirit within us all. Through performance activation, visual arts exhibition, critical cyphers, and the world premiere of "Remember Our Place?" by Sammay Dizon - UxI will uncover the state of the Pilipin@ community's displacement in San Francisco and draw parallels to the homebased struggle of the Lumads in Mindanao, Philippines. 

Centered on the API-experience but in alliance with all indigenous peoples, URBAN x INDIGENOUS aims to unite cultural and urban performance-based artists and strengthen the network of urban-indigenous artists towards collective action through arts as activism.