Memory, Meaning and Memoir

A presentation of readings by a diverse, intergenerational, cross-section of writers, who include visual artists, educators, activists and professionals from the AAPI community, who will share their stories and poems, ranging from immigration stories and family memoir to gender and racial oppression, anti-Asian hate and police violence, written during the course of a writing workshop conducted by poet-playwright, Genny Lim. The online APICC workshops have met every week, throughout the pandemic. These memoir pieces were written in response to weekly writing prompts provided by Genny Lim. All levels and ages, from emerging to advanced writers, were welcomed and encouraged to explore and develop their individual voices and craft in a safe and communal atmosphere that allowed for constructive critique, dialogue, mutual support and growth.


Leila Beltran
Sharleen Boummer
Vickie Ya Rong Chang
Carole Chinn Morales
Susan Hayase
Susan Kitazawa
Mei Lam
Mirah Lucas
Grace Morizawa
Shizue Shikuma
Leon Sun
Casimiro Tolentino
Leslie Yee-Murata


Genny Lim is San Francisco Jazz Poet Laureate emeritus. Lim's award-winning play, Paper Angels, was the first Asian American play aired on PBS’s American Playhouse in 1985 and has been produced throughout the U.S., Canada and China. She is author of five poetry collections, Winter Place, Child of War, Paper Gods and Rebels, KRA!, La Morte Del Tempo, and co-author of Island: Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants on Angel Island, winner of the American Book Award and an anthology of Senior Asian American memoirs, Window: Glimpses of Our Storied Past. She has worked with past Jazz legends, such as Max Roach, Herbie Lewis and Eddie Marshall and long-time collaborators, Jon Jang, John Santos, Francis Wong and Del Sol String Quartet.

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The Ancestors. This is a family portrait of Genny Lim's paternal grandparents in Kwantung, China circa 1898.


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May 16, 2021 at 2:00pm - 3:30pm

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