IT TAKES THE HOOD TO SAVE THE HOOD: Short Film Screening & Book Release

“We are the protectors of our neighborhood.” -Rudy Corpuz Jr. UNITED PLAYAZ’s influence as a social catalyst for peace and positive impact on hundreds of families in San Francisco is unquestionable. “IT TAKES THE HOOD TO SAVE THE HOOD” is a visual arts project highlighting community stabilization efforts by United Playaz and their role in co-creating a mutual aid project in the South of Market during one of the deadliest pandemics our generation has seen.  Join us for a book release and short film screening with project visionary, Harvey Lozada.


A fourth-generation FRISCOPINO, Harvey Lozada is an educator, social worker, healer, art curator, photographer, and visual storyteller. As an artist, Harvey curates art shows, makes photographs and videos to document community stories and social movements. He aspires to share OUR truths for generations to come.


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  1. A brown Filipino man standing in the foreground named Harvey Lozada is wearing a light grey baseball cap with orange lettering that reads "SF." He is wearing a gray and black fleece hooded sweater with white letters on the top left side of his chest that reads, "The North Face". He is wearing blue jeans. He is holding a black box camera with two large lenses and it is hanging on a leather strap from his neck. He is leaning on a red brick wall with black iron gates on a window. A white Victorian house and hill with three cars parked is in the background. Photo by Verma Zapanta.
  2. A black and white photograph shows six people walking towards the foreground in an alleyway. There is a large graffiti mural alongside the building they are walking on a brick street. Starting from the foreground of the photo on the far left is a Black man wearing a black hat with a black shirt that reads, "United Playas" in white lettering. He is wearing white shoes, black pants, gloves, and a black mask. Next to him is a woman with curly hair carrying her cell phone in one hand. She is wearing a black shirt that reads, "UP (star) United Playaz, blue jeans, and checkered shoes. She is wearing a black mask that reads, "United Playaz" in white letters. Next to her is a teenager with a ponytail wearing a camouflage sweater that reads, "United Playaz" in white lettering. He is wearing jeans and white Nike shoes with a swoosh. He is wearing a black mask that reads, "United Playaz in white lettering. He is fixing the gloves on his hands. Next to him closest to the front is a bald man wearing a black shirt that reads, "United Playaz" in white lettering. His face is turned away from the frame only showing his side profile. He is wearing a surgical mask and plastic gloves with his thumb pointing behind him. In the background is a short, young woman with a side part ponytail. She has her eyes closed and is wearing a black t-shirt that reads, "UP United Playaz" in white lettering. She is wearing a gray zip-up sweater, black leggings, and white rubber sandals with holes in them. She is pulling an empty canvas wagon and looking towards the bald man. Behind the bald man is a teenager with his mask positioned on his chin. He is laughing. He is wearing a black shirt and ripped jeans. Photo by Harvey Lozada.
  3. A black and white photo shows dozens of people marching past the front of a building with a sign that reads "Westfield San Francisco Center." People are holding up signs with photos of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In the background are multiple people, young and old wearing black t-shirts that read "United Playaz" in white letters. In the center is a Filipino man wearing a fur hat and sunglasses. His side profile is only seen. He is wearing a black t-shirt long sleeve shirt. The back of his shirt reads "IT TAKES THE HOOD TO SAVE THE HOOD" in white lettering. He is holding a white bullhorn in his right hand and speaking into it. Photo by Harvey Lozada.


June 10, 2021 at 6:00pm - 7:30pm

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