Image Description: Mr. Ye of Chinatown's Stylers Art Gallery 時代畫廊 preparing a calligraphy scroll with wheatpast

Hella Tender

HELLA TENDER is a day-long embrace of culture featuring people who love Chinatown, activating art throughout the neighborhood. Community based artists will be hosting free exhibitions and art workshops in various small businesses and public spaces in Chinatown. HELLA TENDER uplifts Chinatown’s active legacy of mutualism and community care. 

HELLA TENDER is: that moment when your neighbor checks up on you, the sound of youth and elders playing at 花園角Faa Yun Gok, 湯水 taang seoi ready for you at the end of the day, embracing a familiar face on the streets, the smell of freshly steamed man tou —  knowing you are safe. HELLA TENDER is building and creating community care, knowing the structures of capitalism have failed us. Community continues to prove that collective care is a muscle everyone is capable of when we lean on each other. 

Please join us on Saturday, 5/14, for a day seeking tenderness through arts at the heart of Chinatown. 

This event is an extension of Love Letters to Chinatown by Carmen Chen陳嘉文 and Vida Kuang 鄺楚瑩

This program is part of AAWAA’s Emerging Curators Program and funded in part by San Francisco Chinatown Merchants Association andRobert Joseph Louie Memorial Fund.

HELLA TENDER「友好親切」是亞裔女性藝術家協會展示的「新興策展人」節目的一部分。




HELLA TENDER「友好親切」是一個為期一天的社區體驗活動,邀請所有熱愛華埠的人擁抱華埠文化,並利用藝術激活整個社區。社區藝術家將在華埠各處的小商家和公共場所舉辦免費展覽和藝術工作坊。 HELLA TENDER「友好親切」希望藉此機會提升華埠的互惠互利和社區關懷的傳統。

「友好親切」想表達的是每個微小但溫暖的時刻:你的鄰居隨意的一句問候「你身體還好嗎」、小孩和老人家在花園角玩耍的聲音、家人在一天結束時為你準備好的湯水、在街上迎接一張張熟悉的臉和剛蒸好的饅頭的味道—那些都是我們深刻體會的溫柔和安全感。 HELLA TENDER「友好親切」有意共同建立和延續社區關懷,因為我們明白資本主義的機器不會為人民運作。社區也一再證明,大家互相依靠就是對彼此的關懷與照應。



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Joshua Chuck
Eryn Kimura
Claudia Leung
Son of Paper
Joyce Xi
Mr. Ye


Vida Kuang 鄺楚瑩 was raised by a Toisan matriarchy and the streets of Chinatown. She is an artist and educator. Her education comes from growing up in her family’s corner store, her experience as a youth organizer, and community elders who mentor her growth. As a visual storyteller, Vida’s art practice is inspired by movements led by women of color for racial, gender, and economic justice. Vida’s work addresses the complexities and intersections of survival, healing, and memory. She uses audio, illustration, photography, and mixed media as tools for storytelling

Carmen Chen 陳嘉文 was born in Toisan, China and immigrated to Chinatown, San Francisco at the age of three. She is currently a college student double majoring in psychology and sociology. She has worked with many local movements for gender, racial, and transformative justice. Her values are rooted in and inspired by the resilience, healing, and survival narratives of women in her family. She longs for a world where people of marginalized identities can live free of violence, with love and dignity.


Offering free art workshops throughout SF Chinatown on May 14 from 12:30-5:30PM & pop-up exhibitions throughout the neighborhood during the month of May


  • 800 Grant Avenue, main location 都板街, 正地點
  • Willie Woo Playground 黃顯護遊樂場 
  • Chinese Culture Center Bridge 舊金山中華文化中心(CCC)天橋
  • Sweetheart Cafe 心意甜品
  • Jade Chocolates  手工巧克力
  • and more 即將發佈更多合作藝術家與商業 
May 14, 2022 at 11:00am - 5:30pm
San Francisco Chinatown
Accessibility & Consent

 Activities for this event will take place in multiple locations in Chinatown. Wheelchair access available at most locations.
 Those in need of ASL interpretation may check in at the welcome table on Grant St.
More accessibility info to be announced.

In an effort to keep our community safe during this time of pandemic, kindly stay home if you are feeling unwell or if you have had possible COVID-19 exposure. Vaccines, face masks and social distancing are strongly encouraged. Let's continue to keep each other safe.

If you require any special accommodations or assistance, please contact [email protected].

This event will be photographed and video recorded for archival and promotional purposes. By attending this event, you consent to the potential of your image being shared publicly through APICC's channels.