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  • 15th annual San Francisco International Queer Women of Color Film Festival

    QWOCMAP’s 2019 Queer Women of Color Film Festival, June 14-16, will premiere 35 films in 4 screenings with a 15th anniversary Festival Focus “Resilient Past is Vibrant Prologue,” which celebrates the everlasting resilience of queer women of color, and gender nonbinary and transgender people of color. From two nonbinary Coptic Egyptian and Muslim Pakistani queer friends diving into community with food to a young biracial Chinese woman whose home propels her into the world, these films charge through time and revel in our ability to thrive. All films Subtitled for the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing. ASL interpretation provided.


    About QWOCMAP

    QWOCMAP uses film to shatter stereotypes and bias, reveal the lived truth of inequality, and build understanding and community around art and social justice. QWOCMAP creates, exhibits, and distributes high-impact films that authentically reflect the lives of QTBIPOC.



    Dates & Times

    Fri, June 14 - Sun, June 16, Various times



    Photo from 'Among the Cranes' by Astrid Liu


    Friday, June 14, 2019 at 12:00 PM through June 16, 2019
    Brava Theater Center in San Francisco, CA
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  • Eco Poca (Ecopocalypse) エコポカ

    Eco Poca is a visual art, eco-fashion, and performance art exhibit creating a “Ku-kan,” a space to experience the intersection of two alternate realities — a nuclear apocalypse, vs an advanced eco-society. The exhibit and panel discussion will address our ecological crisis, including the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster, while remembering and sharing our ancestors’ eco-wisdom and connection to nature. Art and Story-telling are powerful tools to reflect on the turmoil our planet is experiencing; we hope to transmute this global crisis by collectively envisioning and co-creating our eco-future.


    Participating Artists

    DANCE: Nina Sunstar, Miss Iah, Marissa Bergman, Ayanadancearts 
    MUSIC: Original Man Group, KRISHA
    VISUAL ARTISTS: Maya Fuji, Nina Sunstar, Fumika Okino, Yukiko Nagakura, Sasha Hippard, Tak Kogatch, R.L. Muas, Kana Okada
    ECO-FASHION: Wiz Amulets, Y-F-O
    SPEAKERS: Kana Okada, Yukiko Nagakura, Miss Iah
    BITES: Mamasan's Bistro


    About Eco Poca (Nina Bazan-Sakamoto)

    EcoPoca is an arts collective of multi-ethnic Asian Pacific Islander artists. Their mission is to create a platform to collectively remember and celebrate ancestral eco-wisdom/connection to nature, while envisioning a future society where nature and urban life coexist in harmony.



    Tickets available for purchase at the link below.



    Photo by Archana (desi.gypsea)

    Saturday, June 15, 2019 at 05:00 PM · $7.00 USD
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  • Royalties: Boondock Squad Album Preview Concert

    Be one of the first to hear Boondock Squad's new music in this preview concert of their new album. 'Royalties' is an evening of hip-hop and rock featuring MC's from 'Invocation: A Friscopinx Cypher' by Mister REY. Stay tuned for the full lineup of artists.

    The title 'Royalties' references one of Boondock Squad's songs, with the lyrics "all our people here to (claim those royalties)". This evening also celebrates local collective efforts to protect and reclaim voice, equity, space and resources in the San Francisco (Yelamu) communities that Boondock Squad is part of.


    Participating Artists

    Boondock Squad, Mister REY, Full Lineup TBA


    About Boondock Squad

    "Boondocks" comes from the Tagalog “bundók”, meaning mountains. When invaders clashed with guerrillas along mountains during the Filipino-American war, they adopted the word and defined it as outlying or uncivilized areas. Boondock Squad plays hip-hop and rock for the people of the boondocks: the masses and outliers.



    Tickets available for purchase at the link below.

    Saturday, June 15, 2019 at 07:30 PM · $10.00 USD
    Brava Theater Center: Cabaret in San Francisco, CA
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  • Mo'olelo: The Exploration and Perpetuation of Genealogy through the Art of Storytelling

    `Ulumau Collective will present a genealogical exploration of storytelling through cultural arts. In the ancient Pacific Islander tradition of oral history, “moʻolelo” (stories) pass down ancestral knowledge, sharing everything from daily activities to sacred ceremony. This evening will feature hula, song, chant presented by legendary Kumu Kekuhikuhipuuoneonaaliiokohala Kanae Kanahele, gifts from the ‘aina (land) presented by Kumu Kauʻi Peralto and the art of Tatau (tatoo) presented by Kahu Paʻakū ʻĀlana. These moʻolelo will inspire our multi-generational audience to explore the significance of how knowing your past can help guide & influence your future.


    Participating Artists

    ʻUlumau Collective 2019 participating artists: Kumu Kekuhikuhipuuoneonaaliiokohala Kanae Kanahele, Kumu Kaui Peralto, and Kahu Paʻakū ʻĀlana


    About 'Ulumau Collective

    `Ulumau Collective presents Hawaiian cultural arts, history and traditions through storytelling, performances and workshops. Founded by Susie Kagami, Hawaii Music Live and Kumu Kau`i Peralto, Hawaiian cultural practitioner and language professor at Stanford University, ʻUlumauʻs mission is to preserve, perpetuate and share the significance of Hawaiian ancestral knowledge.



    Tickets available for purchase at the link below.

    Saturday, June 22, 2019 at 02:00 PM · $10.00 USD
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