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Three descendants of Angel Island immigrants, The Last Hoisan Poets - Genny Lim, Flo Oy Wong and Nellie Wong - use poetry to speak their individual truths and creatively reclaim the Hoisan-wa language and culture.  

In a journey that flows from anger and sorrow, using gratitude as a way to find joy, this Zoom program weaves together their poetry with performances by the Del Sol Quartet, music by Asian-American composers Kui Dong, Theresa Wong, Jungyoon Wie, Huang Ruo, and a collaborative composition performed by The Last Hoisan Poets with the Del Sol Quartet. A Q&A will follow, moderated by Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation’s executive director Edward Tepporn.


The Last Hoisan Poets:
Genny Lim
Flo Oy Wong
Nellie Wong

The Del Sol Quartet:
Benjamin Kreith
Samuel Weiser
Charlton Lee
Kathryn Bates

Q&A moderator:
Edward Tepporn, Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation Executive Director


THE LAST HOISAN POETS, Genny Lim, Nellie Wong and Flo Oy Wong, all trace their roots to China’s Toisan villages, home of the Hoisan-wa Chinese dialect. These three influential women write poetry in English and Hoisan-wa, to pay homage to their mother language which is at risk of fading from collective memory.

The internationally-acclaimed Del Sol Quartet champions music by living artists, exploring social change, technology, and artistic innovation. They believe that live music can, and should, happen anywhere.

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Chinese characters carved into a lighted wooden wall of the Angel Island Immigration Station. The carvings are a poem capturing the emotional state of the immigrant detained on Angel Island during the years of the Chinese Exclusion Act.


May 22, 2021 at 2:00pm - 3:30pm
$1.00 USD · Purchase tickets

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