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Saturday, August 8, 2014


Six of the baddest Asian Pacific American comedians come to knock on SF’s door.



Are you the one who knock-knocks?

If you are, you just might be bad enough for the BAD ASIANS comedy showcase. Presented by API Cultural Center, Bindlestiff Studio, and The Colossal Show on Saturday, August 9th, 2014, Bad Asians is featuring the baddest Asians of them all: Asian Comics.

“Bad Asian” is a term used playfully and condescendingly when an Asian Pacific Islander (API) American person fails to live up to preconceived notions of what it means to be Asian. What is a “good” Asian, and what is a “bad” Asian?” How “bad” can you really be? Resisting these tropes of obedient sons and daughters who grow up to be doctors/lawyers/engineers, these API comics are NOT in the “model minority” business. They are in the entertainment business (and perhaps there’s nothing more “heinous” than that). Your best course may be to tread lightly around this line-up of hilarious provocateurs and troublemakers, headlined by comedian Kevin Shea (seen on Comedy Central, HBO, Jimmy Kimmel Live) and hosted by The Colossal Show’s own Imran G and David Nguyen.

Bindlestiff Studio is about to break into some bad territory with frank, candid, and comedic discussions on what it is to be Asian in America...a “Bad Asian”.


Don’t worry. We won’t be in danger. We are the danger.



Kevin Shea

Francesca Fiorentini

Imran G

Samson Koletkar

Dash Kwiatkowski

David Nguyen



Saturday August 9th. 8pm.


Bindlestiff Studio

185 6th Street

San Francisco, CA 94103


General Admission: $15

Pre-Sale “knockknock” discount: $10

Arab Love Arab Freedom

Written & performed by Lisa Kotecki

Thu May 22, 7:30pm


   ArabLove ArabFreedom

A comedic yet poignant story of love transcending cross-cultural differences. 

Stage Werx

446 Valencia St, SF

Between 15th & 16th St



Growing up in America, Lisa's highly outspoken Arab mother taught Lisa the ways of her culture. There was a right way and a wrong way for everything. Mom liked to tell story after story... and then there were the things she just didn't talk about. Mom kept some BIG secrets about growing up in the Middle East- and no matter how hard Lisa pushed, she won't dish. Lisa promises to herself she would never keep secrets. Like mother, like daughter. Lisa finally gathered some pretty big secrets of her own in her early and mid twenties... does she do what her mom did or keep her promise to herself? She does finally tell mom - and what ensues is not what she expected.



Lisa Kotecki is a Bay Area (Oakland) based, Syrian/Polish writer and performer . She is currently working on her solo show, (a work in progress) Arab Love Arab Freedom, a comedic, yet poignant exploration of love transcending cross cultural differences. She has been performing since 1998, and writing and performing solo work since 2013.


War Gastronomy:

Recipes of Relocation Live

Thu May 22 & Fri May 23 at 7pm

Studio audience seats 20 people.  

Sharing food and recipes as personal stories of migration. 



IMPORTANT NOTE:  After 7pm no one will be let in and all guests are requested to stay for the duration of the live TV broadcast.  Story sharing culinary event ends at 8:00.  Dinner will be served.

 Free but RSVP is mandatory as seating is limited.  

You can also watch LIVE on SF Comcast channel 76, Astound channel 30 and will stream online here 


SOMArts Main Gallery

934 Brannan St, SF

Between 8th & 9th St



"War Gastronomy: Recipes of Relocation is a cultural heritage project disguised as a food cart. Its goal is to create connections through face-to-face interactions and through sharing stories and recipes to add to an ever-increasing archive of recipes of relocation.

The project is premised upon the communal experience created by cooking, eating, and telling stories in a public space. The project collects and disseminates recipes as personal stories of forced or willful trans-location though sharing food from a human-powered mobile food cart in a ""family style"" tradition. The goal is to re-frame personal histories of dislocation due to war and conflict in a way that is easy to share and makes them evident through recipe and meal form.

The food cart is built on an industrial bicycle chassis and will hit the streets on predetermined days/times to augment project community engagement and to expand participation beyond the walls of a museum. Each dish served is paired with a personal story of dislocation and trans-culturation. The project is intended to grow through public participation and sharing stories, histories, and recipes.

For this project we will be sharing select dishes and their stories in a live-TV studio setting at SOMArts wherein visitors will be invited to come and be part of a live-TV broadcast and food cooking show. Visitors are welcome to come to be part. We will request that each person eating gives their own story as a recipe in exchange for their meal. Come, eat, share a story and give us your own personal story of migration, change, challenge or translocation as told through food. Seating is limited to 20, so RSVP today."



Justin Charles Hoover, Chris Treggiari, and the community.

Hoover and Treggiari's work utilizes community-driven and context-specific public art strategies across a range of media including interactive objects, curated exhibitions, performances, installations, and most recently, community-authored cultural story archiving. Both artists graduated together from the San Francisco Art Institute and have been working since then as artists, curators and educators.



Trở Về Nước:

Between Home and Memory


Fri May 23 at 6pm & 8pm 


Trở Về Nước investigates the politics of memory and migration. 



   $18 General; $7 Student/Senior in advance

   $20 General; $10 Student/Senior at the door


Mission Cultural Center

   2868 Mission St, SF

   Near 25th street 



Trở Về Nước: Between Home and Memory investigates the politics of memory and migration through the eyes of two Vietnamese American women in search of home in the diaspora. This performance brings together two (seemingly) separate bodies in a dialogical investigation of the boundaries between generations, people, and countries.

The liminal space of water- becomes a site of intrigue, discovery, torment, confusion, and possibility. We explore how our bodies become the site where larger aesthetic, political, and historical questions are fractured open and confronted. Who remembers? Who is remembered? Who leaves and who stays? Patricia enters the work from a historical perspective that focuses on oral histories and performance poetry, while Natalia is situated in an embodied approach that foregrounds movement and the body.

Weaving together oral histories, embodied movement, poetry, and improvisation, Trở Về Nước examines the conflicting and layered ways that stories are told, felt, and remembered. As our two bodies—literally—collide, contract, expand, unite, and diverge, a new way of capturing the elusive space between home and memory emerges between us. Trở Về Nước is a performance of bearing witnessing and asks us to feel and think crtitically about how we engage with stories and how these stories implicate us. As the performance unfolds we invite you to journey with us in this liminal space of water to [re]member the past and envision possibilities for the future.



Natalia Duong is a performance artist, choreographer, and scholar, native to the San Francisco Bay Area. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on Kinesthetic Empathy as a resource for conflict resolution, community devised theater, and the embodied transmission of trauma as exemplified in the bodies of those affected by Agent Orange. She has collaborated with artists to perform internationally in Edinburgh, Paris, Uganda, and Vietnam, where she recently led a community-based devised theater piece that was performed at the US Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City. Natalia is also the Founder and Artistic Director of PAO, a New York based movement collective interested in how war is inherited in the body. Her work has been presented in university settings at Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT), University of Massachusetts Boston, New York University, Northwestern University, and Stanford University in addition to various dance venues such as Movement Research, Dance New Amsterdam, Chen Dance Center, and Dixon Place. She recently gave a TEDx talk on her research at TEDxStanford in May 2013. She holds a Masters degree in Performance Studies from Tisch School for the Arts at New York University, and is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Stanford University with a BA in Psychology and Dance. She currently lives in Brooklyn.


Patricia Nguyen is an artist, healer, and community educator born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. As a child of refugees, she was raised on the bedrock of hope and hardwork. Patricia has carried this spirit into her work in the United States, Vietnam, Brazil, and the Philippines with over 10 years experience working in arts education, community development, and human rights. She has facilitated trainings and workshops with the Fulbright Program, American Center at the U.S. Embassy in Vietnam, Christina Noble Foundation, Social Workers Association in Vietnam, Asian Pacific Islander American Spoken Word and Poetry Summit, and Asian Human services on issues ranging from environmental justice to youth empowerment to mental health and performance. In 2010, she received a Fulbright Fellowship to work in Vietnam. She has since cofounded cây, the first life skills and art therapy reintegration program with the Pacific Links Foundation for human trafficking survivors along the border regions of Vietnam. Patricia’s solo performance Trở Về | Return on the politics of return, based on family oral histories and fieldwork in Vietnam, has featured at Oberlin College, Northwestern University, and University of Massachusetts, Boston. Currently, Patricia is pursuing her Ph.D. in the Performance Studies Program at Northwestern University.



Natalia Duong:

Patricia Nguyen: 

FrancoGuevara Presents

"An Exercise"

Sculptural Installation and Performance by C. Franco Maldonado and Conrad Guevara

Fri May 23 at 7:30pm

  FrancoGuevara AnExercise 


Free Admission.  Limited Capacity.  

Please RSVP with  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The THING Quarterly

447 O'Farrell St, SF

Between Taylor and Jones



FrancoGuevara is pleased to present "An Exercise".  This sculptural installation and performance art piece centers around the Philippine's natural dance, The Tinikling.  "An Exercise" is the newest piece in a line of performances that focus on national identity, migration, and resistance.  Audience participation is greatly encouraged!


FrancoGuevara is a collaboration between Conrad Guevara and C. Franco Maldonado. Their collaboration enables playful sculptures and performances to flex out their conceptual muscles in the humorous field of chance and improvisation, exercising their physical attributes to and through each other. Conceptually activating spaces through their material performativity.



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